You are probably wondering who are these Idiots, Jack Asses, Awesome Individuals, Truth Tellers or perhaps a few choice words that we dare not share here. Who we are is quite simple. We are a consortium of educated, experienced, highly skilled individuals that have been to the mountaintop and discovered the grass is green on both sides (Amazing right?). Life can be absolutely what you want it to be without any qualms? Wow …go figure!

After discovering the secrets that lay behind the veil, we birthed an idea. An idea that morphed into this awesome forum deep in technological space. I am pleased to introduce – Funny name, eh? We intend to use this venue to either validate the name or create the greatest oxymoron known to the rare few that dare to take action.

Seriously, will take an uncanny approach to lifestyle finance. We are tired of the boring, dull, and  regurgitated approach to personal finance and investing that has lead many to be clueless about what to do. We only have one goal for the site, that is if we can change the way one person thinks about Finance, then has accomplished its ultimate goal.

As we conclude this soliloquy of quips, we would like to thank you for visiting and welcome you on this journey of ideas. Never hesitate to leave your feedback or your thoughts. Kindly note, angry comments are welcomed, but if one is left without offering an alternative solution, then the comment is merely banter – and we all hate mindless banter. #foodforthought.

Welcome to the new NOW of Lifestyle Finance –!


A Team of Awesome Nobodies